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ID Job Title Company Name Location Closed Date
1051 Senior Accountant  HSC Co., Ltd Phnom Penh 01-May-2014
1050 Income Auditor  FCC Hotels and Restaurants Phnom Penh 03-May-2014
1049 Tax Accountant  Teng Lay Group Co., Ltd. Phnom Penh 24-May-2014
1047 2 Web Developers  Web Essentials Phnom Penh 09-May-2014
1046 Sales Executive  Khmer Healthcare Co., Ltd Phnom Penh 30-Apr-2014
1045 Land Survey Assistant  Nara Property Phnom Penh 15-May-2014
1044 Admin/Cashier  CATA Phnom Penh 30-Apr-2014
1043 Air-con technician  The Villa Paradiso Phnom Penh 04-May-2014
1042 Stock Keeper  Modern Gas Phnom Penh 30-Apr-2014
1041 IOS Developer  Mapring Phnom Penh 30-Jun-2014
1040 Administration Manager  ODI Asia Co.,Ltd Phnom Penh 30-Apr-2014
1039 IT Officer  Financial Institute of Cambodia Phnom Penh 22-May-2014
1038 Call Center  MOTHER HEALTH Phnom Penh 08-Apr-2014
1037 Sale Representative  Camdaly Co., Ltd Phnom Penh 02-May-2014
1036 Graphic Designer  Global Cooking School Phnom Penh 03-May-2014
1035 Web Designer  Green ICT Technology Co., Ltd Phnom Penh 30-Apr-2014
1033 Senior Programmer  FIPLUS KHMER SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT Phnom Penh 21-May-2014
1032 Finance Lecturer  University of Puthisastra (UP) Phnom Penh 10-May-2014
1031 IT Officer  Singapore International School (SIS) Cambodia Phnom Penh 16-May-2014
1030 Technical Officer  Asia Master Co,.Ltd Phnom Penh 30-Apr-2014
1029 IT Database Develop ( Urgent )  EDF-Cambodia Phnom Penh 01-May-2014
1028 Developer/Programmer  ppctv Phnom Penh 22-May-2014
1027 Photoshop Graphic Designer  STANFORD AMERICAN SCHOOL Phnom Penh 05-Jun-2014
1026 Receptionist  Pachem Dental Clinic Phnom Penh 30-Apr-2014
1025 Graphic Designer  BRIDGE MARKETING SERVICES CO. LTD. Phnom Penh 05-May-2014
1024 Sales Executive  ALEO KOREA STYLE Phnom Penh 17-May-2014
1023 Assistant Sales Manager  Phnom Penh Honda Co., Ltd. Phnom Penh 30-Apr-2014
1022 Kindergareten teacher  WONGA INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL Phnom Penh 05-May-2014
1021 Assistant Accounting Manager  ODI Asia Co.,Ltd Phnom Penh 30-Apr-2014
1020 Sales Executive  AIR SEA TRANSPORT CO., LTD Phnom Penh 21-May-2014
1017 Sales Executive  CES High Tech Phnom Penh 31-May-2014
1016 Programmer / Software Engineer  Inspire Technologies Cambo Pte., Ltd. Phnom Penh 21-May-2014
1015 Drink Maker  Share Tea Cambodia Phnom Penh 04-May-2014
1014 Engineer of Boiler System  NOYAKONG Group Co., Ltd. Phnom Penh 07-May-2014
1011 Senior Graphic Designer  LCH-SPARE PARTS Phnom Penh 30-Apr-2014
1010 Sales Executive  FEC Electronics Phnom Penh 10-May-2014
1009 Expert in Image retouching  Digital Divide Data Phnom Penh 18-Jun-2014
1007 Market Execution Executive  Coca Cola Cambodia - Cambodia Beverage Company Ltd Phnom Penh 30-Apr-2014
1006 Accounting Manager  LCH-SPARE PARTS Phnom Penh 28-Apr-2014
1005 Production Supervisor  Foodfrienz Phnom Penh 10-May-2014