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ID Company Name Job Title Location Expired Date
1490 3G AGENT Co.,Ltd Project Coordinator Phnom Penh 29-Nov-2014
1489 3G AGENT Co.,Ltd Project Manager-Equipm ... Phnom Penh 29-Nov-2014
1488 3G AGENT Co.,Ltd OD Manager Phnom Penh 21-Nov-2014
1487 3G AGENT Co.,Ltd Business Development E ... Phnom Penh 21-Nov-2014
1486 3G AGENT Co.,Ltd Category Manager Phnom Penh 21-Nov-2014
1485 3G AGENT Co.,Ltd Commercial Planning Ma ... Phnom Penh 21-Nov-2014
1484 3G AGENT Co.,Ltd KA-Marketing Executive ... Phnom Penh 21-Nov-2014
1483 3G AGENT Co.,Ltd Finance Manager Siem Reap 31-Oct-2014
1482 3G AGENT Co.,Ltd Finance Manager Phnom Penh 31-Oct-2014
1481 3G AGENT Co.,Ltd National Sales Manager Phnom Penh 31-Oct-2014
1479 Aities Consulting Web Developer Phnom Penh 30-Nov-2014
1478 Aities Consulting Mobile App Developer Phnom Penh 30-Nov-2014
1477 Aities Consulting Graphic Designer Phnom Penh 30-Nov-2014
1476 Aities Consulting IT Support Phnom Penh 30-Nov-2014
1475 Aities Consulting Web Design Phnom Penh 30-Nov-2014
1474 Aities Consulting Programmer Phnom Penh 30-Nov-2014
1473 Aities Consulting IT and Engineering Phnom Penh 30-Nov-2014
1472 3G AGENT Co.,Ltd PROCURMENT OFFICER Phnom Penh 31-Oct-2014
1471 3G AGENT Co.,Ltd Accountant Supervisor Siem Reap 31-Oct-2014
1470 3G AGENT Co.,Ltd Assistant Marketing Ma ... Siem Reap 31-Oct-2014
1469 3G AGENT Co.,Ltd Landscape Architectura ... Phnom Penh 31-Oct-2014
1468 3G AGENT Co.,Ltd Interior Design Manage ... Phnom Penh 31-Oct-2014
1467 3G AGENT Co.,Ltd Architectural Manager Phnom Penh 31-Oct-2014
1466 3G AGENT Co.,Ltd Civil and Structural E ... Phnom Penh 31-Oct-2014
1465 3G AGENT Co.,Ltd Electrical Engineering ... Phnom Penh 31-Oct-2014
1464 3G AGENT Co.,Ltd Advertising Supervisor Phnom Penh 31-Oct-2014
1463 3G AGENT Co.,Ltd Staff Performance Mana ... Phnom Penh 31-Oct-2014
1462 3G AGENT Co.,Ltd Payroll Officer Phnom Penh 31-Oct-2014
1461 3G AGENT Co.,Ltd Internal Financial Aud ... Phnom Penh 31-Oct-2014
1456 Digi Internet Web Developer And Prog ... Phnom Penh 31-Oct-2014
1455 E-OPTICS CAMBODIA Accountant Phnom Penh 31-Oct-2014
1454 ABA BANK Relationship Manager Phnom Penh 31-Dec-2014
1453 Flash-IT Customer Service Phnom Penh 31-Oct-2014
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